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Sparrow is an application security and quality solution provider from Korea (Originally established in 2007 as a part of Fasoo and spun-off in 2018 as an application specialized company), offers the application security ecosystem that includes Sparrow SAST/SAQT, intelligent static application security, and quality testing tool, Sparrow DAST, a powerful dynamic application security testing tool with TrueScan (IAST module), Sparrow RASP, a web application self-protection tool, Sparrow SCA, open-source management tool, and Sparrow InteractiveHUB, a web application interaction and management platform. These solutions are designed to help companies to implement DevSecOps, enabling them to continuously monitor the security of their applications and development throughout their SDLC.

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Sparrow Co., Ltd.
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Republic of Korea
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Sparrow Co., Ltd.-Sparrow SAST/SAQT, Sparrow DAST, Sparrow SCA

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